Why you should hire a comedian for your corporate event

Why you should hire a comedian for your corporate event

A corporate event, like any event, has the potential to go both ways. You can either thrill and engage your guests with a mixture of information, awards and entertainment, or you can risk boring them to death with talking heads in a drab location. There’s nothing worse than planning an event and having it fail miserably right in front of you. A common mistake is hiring an event MC or comedian that just isn’t that good. I remember going to a business event with a friend, it was held by her boss and there we over a hundred people there. Everyone was getting into the hors d’oeuvres, sipping on company wine before this guy took to the stage. Joke after horrendous joke, everyone just stood around looking at each other wondering why they were there. Sometimes he was even offensive, one woman was not impressed when he incorrectly assumed her pregnancy. Obviously this guy had no corporate event experience, and that made it one of the worst events any of these people had attended.

Luckily, over the years there have been a few people that have recognized this problem and have started up entertainment companies that specialize in corporate entertainment, particularly corporate comedians. Corporate events require a different type of entertainment, due the diversity of the audience and circumstances of the event (workplace rules of etiquette and still apply) you want to hire someone that is aware of the delicate nature of the event, someone who can entertain without offending any employees. This is no small feat, so that’s why event companies that specialize in corporate occasions are so valuable. Organizations like Funny Guys have a list of well known comedians who have a wealth of valuable material. While they may be known around the comedy circuit doing more risqué routines, when it comes to corporate events, they have a selection of material that is both hilarious and SFW (Safe For Work).

Hiring a quality comedian through a reliable event company for your corporate event could bring your event over the edge, imagine how excited your guests will be when they hear that a well known, acclaimed comedian is going to be in attendance! You can expect all your guests to be in attendance if you give them a reason, other than the corporate gathering, to come along. Sure free food and drink is pretty enticing, but nothing brings people together like a good laugh.


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