Singing Comedians and Musical Comedians

Singing Comedians = Fun for Corporate Events

Singing Comedians for Corporate Events

There is no doubt that a singing comedians’ show is more dynamic and exciting than a standup comedy show.  The added element of hit music not only brings energy to the room, the familiarity of songs people know and love brings back the memories of good times in our lives.   This built in ‘feel-good’ vibe gives a great advantage to the musical comedian’s ability to keep corporate event attendees involved and excited during a live performance.

Musical Comedians don’t just sing songs from Broadway musicals!

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To clarify an important point, a musical comedians’ comedy may or (more often) may NOT have anything to do with Broadway Musicals. While Larry G Jones is classically trained (and he has performed in a number of musicals), as a singing comedian his typical show only involves one song parody that involves the musical ‘The Phantom of the Opera.’  His music of the night parody is hilarious and when he belts out the big ‘money note’ so powerfully, you won’t know whether to applaud or laugh out loud at the punch line he just delivered.

The Best Singing Comedians will offer a variety of musical styles

Singing Comedians for Corporate Events

The difference  between a great singing comedian and the best singing comedian will often come down to how big of a variety of styles, songs, and artists are in the show. This diverse list of musical styles will make sure there is something for everyone attending your corporate event. Larry G Jones’ award winning ‘Legendary Voices in Concert’ show covers six decades of hit music and a customized list of up to 75 singing and celebrity impersonations per hour. The sheer versatility of music in his show makes him one of the best singing comedians in the world.

Add ‘Impersonator to ‘Singing Comedian’ & take it up another 5 notches

When you have a musical comedian who is also an incredible celebrity voices impersonator and singing impressionist the familiar hit music becomes even more appealing to the audience and the musical parodies become even funnier.

For Example: When you have the ‘Rat Pack’ performing a musical parody with the voices of Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, AND Dean Martin (switching comedic lines and places in a flash throughout the song), it’s far more funny when the singing comedian is also an impressionist who can actually sound like each one of them. When ‘Elton John’ dons a few boas and some funky sunglasses to sing a medley of ‘Sun Going Down on Me, ‘Can You Feel the Love,’ and ‘Crocodile Rock’ it’s very funny, but when singing comedian Larry G Jones is able to duplicate the voice to a tee, it’s downright impressive as well!