Hire a Clean Comedian, Clean Humor for Corporate Parties and Corporate Shows

Hire a Clean comedian to boost R.O.I. at Corporate PartiesClean comedian, corporate parties, corporate hospitality

When you hire a clean comedian it can be one of the best ways to make sure your guests keep talking about your corporate party and what a great time they had  at your event. A truly memorable clean stand up comedian will use humor to create a strong and beneficial emotional response in your guests. His show will be remembered through a continued dialogue about the stand up or singing comedian’s jokes mannerisms, costumes, props, physical comedy and parodies.  These long lasting memories  are a sure way to make sure you get a great ROI (return on your investment) for your corporate entertainment budget. When you hire a clean comedian who is BOTH a highly trained and versatile singer AND a clean stand up comedian… your corporate event attendees will  have even MORE fun!

Need Clean Humor? Hire a clean comedian for corporate shows;

Hire a Clean Comedian for Humor at Corporate Parties and shows

Hire a Clean Comedian for Humor at Corporate Parties and shows

In addition to having great corporate humor and being a clean comedian, Larry is a Singing comedian. In fact, his singing voice is so strong and versatile he was awarded two voice and performance scholarships and his clean humor and comedy parodies have been featured on thousands of morning radio shows across the nation. Larry’s award winning ( ‘Entertainer of the Year’ AND 2X ‘Impressionist of the Year’ ) show allows you to have not only one of the best clean stand up comedians performing today but ALSO a top notch singer who combines his variety of talents into a first class entertainment experience for your guests.

Hire a Clean Comedian  for successful Corporate Parties

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Everyone knows ‘Laughter is the best medicine’ and when your hospitality event guests are all laughing together at the clean humor and comedy antics of this fun corporate show,  their ‘shared emotional experience’ will unite them as a team and as a group.  Every corporate function or association party is a chance to make sure your team is rewarded for their dedication and hard work. If your meeting is for your top sales executives every year, great corporate shows will motivate them to continue to strive for higher goals in the coming year just so they can be back again for next year’s incentive meeting.

Need to Hire a Clean comedian for your corporate parties or corporate shows?

Be Absolutely Sure your next corporate parties are a huge success with perhaps the world’s only premier humorous clean comedians and corporate entertainers who have actually headlined their own Las Vegas show for 10 years (most recently at Planet Hollywood in 2011).

This ‘not your typical clean comedy, clean humor, and singing comedian impersonator corporate show.  Your corporate parties and corporate shows should be more fun!            


1st Class comedian for corporate parties
Clean Comedian for Corporate Parties and Corporate Shows
Hire Clean comedian Larry G Jones for 1st class clean humor at corporate parties, corporate shows, association entertainment and corporate functions around the world.

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