Corporate Event Seating Layouts – Floor Plan for Live Entertainment

Corporate Event Planner’s Guide to Seating Ideas for Corporate Comedians

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Up Close and Personal – the perfect way to make a lasting impact.

One of the goals of a successful event planner is to impact their guests in a way that will be remembered for the weeks, months, and years following event. The purpose of having a corporate comedian for live events are many. The benefits of laughter and music on our guests will last long past the event is over. The  strongest memories of your event  will be because of the emotions they felt during the time they laughed, sang, clapped, and bonded together as a group. 

There’s a ‘Rule of Proximity’ involved with setting up the floor plan or seating arrangement  for a corporate event entertainment

Corporate Event Seating Layouts - Floor Plan for Live Entertainment

Corporate Event Seating Layouts – Floor Plan for Live Entertainment – Floor Plan for Live Entertainment-
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You’ll see it at professional venues of every kind  (Performing Arts Centers, concert halls, comedy clubs, cabarets, the Grammy and Oscar Awards and even now at the Superbowl ) the producers find a way to make sure the performance is as ‘Up Close and Personal’ as possible.  It’s that ‘personal’ touch that helps touch our emotions on a deeper level and make every event more exciting and memorable and if you or someone you know or work with get’s up on stage with an ‘audience participation’ part of a comedy show…those memories can last a lifetime.

The results are in and there is one guaranteed way to provide a huge number of benefits for the minds, hearts, and bodies of your event guests, your company,. Laughter through fun entertainment at your corporate event.

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