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Weighing the priorities of event budgets The cost of hiring a corporate comedian or corporate entertainer at your company party is sometimes looked at as an ‘unnecessary expense’ and corporate entertainment is often the first item to be cut in consideration of event costs.

However – When you consider the well documented, physically palatable,   medically and scientifically proven power of both laughter and music to heal the body, mind, and spirit you’ll realize that having an event without some laughter and music means leaving out guaranteed ways to actually make a long term impact on people’s lives.

When they say ‘laughter is good medicine’ it’s more than just a ‘saying;’ People’s mood is actually elevated, healing endorphins are released, learning is increased, memory improves, and blood pressure is measurably lowered.  Why would anyone deprive attendees of these (and more) benefits? Leaving out some fun corporate entertainment could be a huge mistake.  When you want to reach in and touch someone’s heart, the right corporate entertainer could be exactly what your guests need impact their lives.

 The Cost of Corporate Entertainment – less than you think

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As event planners or budgeting committees make decisions about how to allocate the ‘block of money’ for a corporate event or convention they have to consider many factors including venue costs, catering, décor, hiring speakers and corporate entertainers, wireless internet, A/V, transportation, lodging, and many other factors. What is often overlooked by these event planners is the big picture of the massive ‘unseen costs’ of the loss of productivity from unsatisfied and UN-incentivized employees. One night of great corporate entertainment can wash away a year’s worth of Monday workplace blues. The cost of workplace blahs add up on a daily basis, who can afford that?!

Why hire corporate entertainers for meetings?Hawaii Corporate Entertainment for meetings

Let’s face it, conventions filled with seminars, sales meetings, and breakout sessions can be boring and leave people in a lackluster mood at the end of the day.  Even in tropical climates like Hawaii or Orlando the sunshine won’t change the boredom of corporate events.Science has proven that mixing in creative and unique experiences with educational materials increases learning and retention.

To change people’s attitude they need a change of pace or distraction, that’s where corporate comedians, singers, and entertainers can make a difference.  Instead of leaving for home with a lackluster feeling of information overload, a great corporate entertainment program can have convention guests heading home feeling energized, motivated and excited about moving forward with their newly acquired skills and knowledge.

What kind of Corporate Entertainment should I hire for my meetings and conventions?
Hawaii Corporate Comedian

While the choices for corporate entertainment come in a variety of flavors, there are some types that may be more effective than others in bringing about the desired effect of uplifting your convention guests.

A corporate comedian or ventriloquist will bring laughter and it’s many benefits, a magician, dance troupe, impressionist or cirque type act can inspire wonderment and awe, and a singer uses the universal language of music to influence people’s hearts and minds with carefully selected songs.  While there are only a few out there, you may be able to find an entertainer who can provide ALL of the benefits of many types of entertainers – combining comedy, music and a mystery element – to provide  laughter, wonderment, and inspiration.

When you add the element of music to a clean comedy show there’s even more benefits for guests, they get to hear their favorite songs while they get to laugh – that’s a powerful emotional combination that will impact your audience and create great memories for them.

Clean corporate entertainment for Hawaii and Orlando conventionsThe corporate entertainment you choose should be appropriate for the demographics of your attendees. For corporate events, the demographics used to be ages 30-70 (with the majority of guests in their 40s-60s), but with the changing times there are becoming more events with baby boomers, and Generation X and Y in attendance.  A good corporate entertainer will be able to customize a show that’s appropriate for any demographic you have.

 Whether you’re in Hawaii, Las Vegas, San Francisco or Orlando, Hiring top notch Corporate Entertainment will boost the ‘Return on Relationship’ with your guests by creating long lasting memories of the great time they had that night during your company party, gala, conference launch, awards night, convention, or special event. Choosing the right corporate entertainer will make it a night to remember.

No matter what kind of corporate event you’re having people like to laugh! That’s why you’ll want a clean corporate entertainer and comedian to perform at your meeting in Hawaii, San Francisco or even Orlando. When you add the element of music to a clean comedy show there’s even more benefits for guests, they get to hear their favorite songs while they get to laugh – that’s a powerful emotional combination that will impact your audience and great memories for them.


About the Author –is a multi-award winning corporate entertainer and chair of the MPI hosted buyer and trade show program for the joint WA/OR Cascadia annual conference. Contact Larry to see how he can customize a show to create great memories for your next special event OR contact him to learn more about the hosted buyer program for event planners and suppliers. See Larry’s Video Demo HERE

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