What’s Worth more than Gold? -The Lasting Value of Corporate Entertainment

Is Value measured by Corporate Entertainment Budgets?

Corporate Entertainment, corporate entertainer, corporate show

Clean comedy and music are the Most popular forms of corporate entertainment. However, big budgets for national name corporate entertainers like Jeff Foxworthy, Jay Leno, or Earth Wind and Fire are way out of reach for probably 95% of corporate events.
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When it comes to corporate entertainment, it would be great to have a top shelf headliner like Earth Wind and Fire perform at your next event!

But…there are very few event planners with an average entertainment budget of  $250k or more (+ rider for 12 or more people).  Even if you have a decent size event (800 people) that kind of cost for corporate entertainment might be hard to justify to the bean counters.

Recently adding to the problem of event budgeting, negative press from ‘scandals’ like the GSA ‘Vegas Junket’ do have an adverse effect on the event, convention, entertainment, catering, corporate incentive, travel and hospitality industries.

To combat this type of bad press, it’s up to the individuals who make up the event and entertainment  industry to join together and advocate for the value of the face time people get at corporate meetings and conventions. Education at corporate events is certainly important but there is another extremely valuable thing we can offer the guests at our gala, awards night or association banquet: Memories that will last a lifetime with live corporate entertainment.What’s worth more than a great memory?


Corporate Entertainment – A High Value R.O.R. Tool

Corporate show, Corporate Entertainment, corporate entertainer

The Return on Relationship for corporate entertainment will be delivered over and over again…Every time something reminds them of the great time they had.

Though it’s hard to measure the value of corporate entertainment in terms of R.O.I. (Return On Investment), this ‘feel-good’ emotional connection opportunity of the meeting and convention experience is an invaluable tool that’s been used for decades.

No matter what kind of entertainment you decide on for your event, you can make a sure bet that there will be an element of music and some sort of comic relief during the show. They call it ‘comic relief’ for a good reason; watching a clean comedian at a corporate event one of the only times people can finally relax and let loose in a safe environment.  They’ll bond with each other and as a group as they put away the game face, gadgets, and rush hour stresses that are so much a part of our lives. The old saying is still true; Everyone loves to laugh. These days we all NEED at good laugh. We’ll discuss the many benefits of laughter and music at further length in a future article(please subscribe to your right)..

Corporate Entertainment as a ‘Thank You’ = ‘No, Thank YOU for the Great Time’ = R.O.R.

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Corporate Entertainment, corporate entertainer, corporate show

Audience interaction and participation is a great way to create even stronger memories by creating a more active and personable experience. Plus the added value of ‘team building’ through a common emotional (laughter/music) experience.

When you smile at someone, they’re more than likely going to smile back, but when you say ‘Thank You’ by with some great corporate entertainment you facilitate everyone having a great time.   They’re  going to laugh out loud, sing along, smile, be in awe, reflect, stomp their feet and clap their hands as they are fully engaged in a fun corporate show. After that, they’ll thank YOU with a smile on their face and a song in their heart as they leave your event. ‘Convention Entertainment’ can by used at all kinds of functions including but not limited to: galas, sales meetings, conferences, client appreciation events, awards ceremonies, charity event, association events, marketing events of holiday celebrations. These kinds of events are an opportunity to say thank you to your guests and give them incentive to ‘raise the bar’ or ‘keep up the good work.’

People’s individual lives can litterally be transformed by the joy of music, laughter, and a chance to get ‘lost in the moment’ with live entertainment.  It’s also a great way to say “Thank you” and “Hey let’s take a break from work, relax, de-stress, and have some fun for awhile, we’re human too.” This type of incentive program is more of a relationship building tool or as some would call it, R.O.R. (return on relationship).

After all, they won’t reminisce about the table settings for weeks, months or years later.

Reward your guests with great corporate entertainment at your next convention and your R.O.R. will have more value than can ever be measured; because memories are priceless, and like diamonds, can last forever.

What Weighs Nothing but is far more valuable than Gold?
-Great Memories

Larry G Jones
Event Solutions’ 2009
“Entertainer of the Year”

Contact Larry to see how his can customize a corporate show to create great memories for your clients for a lasting relationship.

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