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Make your Company Party FUN with Variety Entertainment

Corporate Party Variety Entertainment

Want VARIETY Entertainment for you company party?!
Cher, Elton John, Frankie Valli, Earth Wind and Fire, Johnny Cash, Bill Cosby, Rodney Dangerfield, The Rat Pack, Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga are just a few of the 75 Impersonations Larry can include in every customized corporate show.

Stand up comedy is one of the most common ‘been there-done that’ options for a company party….but unique entertainment is a bit harder to come by.  That’s why unique variety entertainment corporate shows like Larry G Jones’ keep the show moving with various themes, ideas, voices and music that is customized for your event and audience. 

To make sure no one gets your company party Larry will switch up the clean comedy and music in his show from a few minutes of stand up comedy, to lots of high energy musical variety entertainment including song from Motown, Country, Rock, or Oldies. This diverse combination of musical comedy, stand up comedy, props, physical comedy, impressions, audience interaction -participation, and a huge variety of impersonations is one of the best ways to make sure everyone is satisfied no matter what age they are or what style of entertainment they like.  

‘Variety (Entertainment) is ‘The Spice of Life’ for a Company Party!’ 

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Want VARIETY Entertainment for your company party?!
It’s not just the variety of entertainment ( stand up comedy, phenomenal singing, celebrity impersonations, singing impressions, props, ventriloquism, song parodies, and physical comedy). It’s also Larry’s interaction and participation with the crowd that make will make it a super fun and memorable company party.


Company parties and incentive programs are a great way to get out of the rut of everyday life’s boring routines. When people are stressed they’re less productive, it can affect the  overall moral and ultimately the bottom line of your company. So..Spice it up this year with some unique variety entertainment that’s sure to elevate the tone of your company party and the moral of your corporate show guests. Whether it’s pop, rock, oldies, standards, country or Italian opera; as a highly trained singer Larry’s ability to mimic almost any singer, celebrity, or musical artist combined with his clean stand up comedy and musical parodies will assure an unforgettable time for any type of corporate event, special party or celebration.

Does YOUR Company Party/Brand or Sponsor need to be Remembered?

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A company VIP get a little ‘Stage Time’ with Larry at Muckleshoot Casino’s company party.

Book with confidence Las Vegas headliner, corporate show and variety entertainment professional Larry G Jones’ multi-award winning show is not only a clean singing comedian who is ‘laugh out loud’ funny, your guest will enjoy phenomenal singing along with a load of laughter and fun.

Hire Clean comedian Larry G Jones and he will light up their eyes and hearts at your corporate show with a very unique and different kind of musical clean comedy/variety entertainment. You’ll be just one of the many superstars at your next event(along with the 75+ singers and celebrity impersonations Larry will bring). There’s no substitute for Experience, Awards, recommendations, and an outstanding professional track record.

Make your corporate party or meeting a success with great variety entertainment

This year, don’t make it a “typical” company party!